Grocery Stores

If you are shopping for a new home there may be several factors to consider such as your proximity to grocery stores and the reputation of local retailers. Georgetown Townhomes offers a variety of grocery stores that are within a few minutes of the community. You can safely shop for groceries and other items in Georgetown. As a new homes Georgetown resident, you will have the ability to locate several popular grocery stores.

Nearby grocery stores offer added convenience for buyers of Georgetown Townhomes. Access to quality stores is a major benefit for new homes Georgetown residents. After a busy day at work, you can easily shop at local grocery stores for fine foods. Weekend shopping will be a breeze too, as you can buy groceries from stores that are within the Georgetown community. Residents can find an assortment of grocery items at HEB and Walmart.


Here Everything’s Better provides a superior selection of grocery items. At Georgetown-area HEB stores, you can purchase meat, produce, seafood, flowers, beer, wine and more. HEB offers full-service banking, gift cards and fuel. New homes Georgetown residents can pay their utility bills at HEB stores. Whether you need to purchase a fishing license or to cash your payroll check, HEB has convenient options for its customers. If you live in the Georgetown Townhomes community, HEB is just a few minutes away.


Located on Interstate 35, the Walmart Supercenter offers a variety of products and services for consumers in the Georgetown community. Walmart provides grocery, as well as clothing, household goods, electronics, tires and other items. New homes Georgetown residents can have prescriptions filled at Walmart too. Convenience for its customers has been a tradition for Walmart. The Georgetown, Texas Walmart offers area residents 24-hour service, a garden center, a vision center and a photo center. After you have finished shopping at Walmart, you can enjoy a meal from Mcdonald’s. The restaurant is located within the Walmart Supercenter. Fuel is available for your vehicle at Walmart too. Residents of Georgetown Townhomes who visit Walmart may experience one-stop shopping for groceries and many other items.

Living in the new homes Georgetown community offers luxurious amenities and access to premier shopping venues. You can enjoy shopping in local grocery stores that are minutes from Georgetown Townhomes. The Georgetown community offers residents a safe environment for shopping and dining. Georgetown has one of the lowest violent crime ratings within the state of Texas. Worry-free living enables Georgetown Townhome residents to shop with confidence.